Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Things Which I Still Haven't Eaten


  1. Seriously, scrambled eggs?

  2. I hadn't had a banana, oyster or refried beans by my mid-twenties. I'm old now and still don't think I've had stilton, caviar, cheese strings, custard, saveloy. I've had scrambled eggs a few times and veal once or twice I think (I was probably drunk). Foie gras is the most despicably unethical food. I like lists. My speciality is being different and it appears I have a few things in common with you, which is unusual. I'm bound to have much less in common with you than I do in common, but that said it still annoys me a little so don't take this personally but I'm never going to look at this blog again. Plus, it's much easier to be a bit weird when you're young.


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